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Q, What does individual cremation mean?

  • A, An individual cremation is when your pet is cremated separately. This guarantees the ashes we return are your pet and only your pet, a certificate of cremation will be provided giving details of the cremation.

Q, How long does a cremation take to perform?

  • A, Each cremation is different and will not be rushed by us, dignity and respect are top of our priority, it can take from 1 hour to 3 hours or more dependent on the size of the pet. It is our policy to return your pets ashes within a 24-48-hour period. We are committed to providing a respectful final farewell to all the pets we deal with.

Q, How do I know if my Veterinary practice uses Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations Ltd?

  • A. Just ask your veterinary practice, this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. It's your pet you are saying goodbye to and like us you want to do the best by them. You are always welcome to visit us to view our facility before choosing your pets last journey.

Q, Can I bring my pet to Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations Ltd?

  • A. Yes, without question, you are welcome to call in, all we ask is that you call us first 01493 718818 to let us know, after-all we do not want to keep you or your pet waiting.

Q, What if my pet dies over a weekend or evening?

  • A. Simply give us a call 01493 718818. We provide a 24 hour service 365 days a year. We are able to collect your pet normally within 2 hours and can return the ashes to you within 48 hours of collection.

Q, Can Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations cremate an exhumed pet?

  • A, Yes, we can provide this service as a normal cremation. All you would need to do is bring your pet along and we will provide an individual cremation service returning the ashes in your chosen casket, urn or scatter tube.

Q, Can I cremate more than one pet together?

  • A, Yes, often people wish to have companions cremated together, it will depend on the size of each pet but normally it would not be a problem to fulfill your wishes, give us a call to discuss.

Q, Can I say goodbye to my pet?

  • A, Yes, we have a purpose built farewell room where you are welcome to say goodbye in private, dignity and comfort. You will not be rushed, we understand this is an emotional time. Please visit our farewell room page.

Q, Can I attend my pets cremation?

  • A, You are welcome to attend your pet’s cremation, this often helps with saying goodbye. If you wish to attend please talk to us and arrangements will be made.

Q, If I do not attend the cremation how do I get my pets ashes back?

  • A, You are welcome to collect your pet’s ashes directly from us or alternatively we can deliver them to you at home. Should you prefer you can collect from your veterinary practice.

Q, Can I take my pets ashes abroad?

  • A, Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the requirements of the country you intend to visit, however, we do provide a certificate of cremation which should smooth the process for you. You should always seek further information before travelling with pet ashes.

Q, How much does it cost to have my pet cremated?

  • A,  All cremations are individual, please contact us we will discuss your wishes directly with you.  

Q, How can I create a lasting memory?

  • A, We provide many products within our memorial shop that will help you create a lasting memory. In addition you can send us a picture with a few words for us to include in our online book of remembrance. Alternatively you are welcome to write you memory(s) to pop into our memory jar. 

Q, Can I bury my pet in my garden?

  • A. If you own the property (not renting), it has domestic use and your pet has lived there for more than 6 months you can bury at home. Please ensure you bury your pet in something biodegradable like a wooden, wicker or cardboard coffin. We will be happy to help with this process but please remember if you are concerned about what will happen if you move home then is perhaps not the best option for you.

Q, How do I pay for the services?

  • A, We accept all major debit & credit cards, BACS payment and of course cash, Let's not talk about money at this sad time. 

Q, Do you provide a cremation certificate?

  • A, Yes a personal certificate is provided.with every cremation. 

Q, How can I be sure I get only my pets ashes back?

  • A, We can assure you that we individually cremate one pet at a time. We provide a certificate of individual cremation with every service, Rainbow Bridge has a strict procedure in place covering our process. In addition you are always welcome to witness the cremation should you so choose.

Q, My question is not covered here what do I do?

  • A, If your question is not covered here contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an answer,. We will with your permission include your question and answer on our FAQs .